Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark a Must for Families!

By Leslie

I was recently invited to come enjoy Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA with my family by Great Wolf.  I was super excited by the news since I have never been there before and have always wanted to go.  However, the honest reason why I have never gone before was the price of the rooms.  I could not imagine paying $300 a night for the cheapest room(depends on when you stay… could get as low as $240).  Just didn’t seem reasonable to me.  I was always looking for some kind of coupon or deal but nothing unless you stayed more then one night.  It wasn’t until I was getting my hair colored right before the trip that my hair stylist made a great point.  She had said that if I went to my local outdoor water park just for the day and paid $40 per person (which would be 4 of us), that would be $160 plus parking.  Now going to the Great Wolf Lodge you are getting TWO days at the water park AND hotel stay plus all the other activities they have there.   When she told me that it all made sense to me on why people go and keep going back and I will tell you why and my story of my trip!

We arrived to the Lodge and hadn’t told the kids what it was all about.  They just thought we were going to a regular hotel.  We were crossing our fingers on the way there hoping that there was going to be a pool.  🙂  When we arrived they didn’t say much until we opened the large doors to the inside.  Their mouths dropped.  I have a 4 and a 6 year old.  They could see kids EVERYWHERE.  The great thing about Great Wolf is that you can check in at 1pm and start using the water park.  They will then call you when your room is ready.  Usually around 4pm.  Ours became ready at 2pm though.  They have tons of lockers in the water park so you can store some of your items.  Great bathrooms with showers so you can change into your bathing suits if your room is not ready yet.  Don’t be afraid to walk around in your suit too.  Everyone is doing it.  Same thing when you leave.  You check out at 11am but you can spend the rest of the day at the water park and use the lockers.  So you have 2 days full of water fun!

We ended up getting the Wolf Den Suite.  It has a cave themed sleeping area for the kids, a bunk bed, and their own TV.  Then it had a queen bed and a pull out sofa.  Also included a microwave and fridge.  FREE Wifi too in all rooms!!  Bonus!  🙂  Rooms were very clean and looked new.  I loved the hand carved wooden furniture…  very rustic yet beautiful!   The kids never left their little room.  It was great!

They also had several restaurants and eating spots around the lodge.  They wanted to make sure you never went hungry.  Again at first I thought the kids meal prices were a little spendy…  $7.99 for a kids meal.   But I actually had their first meal split since they weren’t very hungry and it was pretty large portions so I was glad I did that.  Plus they get a $3.99 Wolf ears with that too.  So when you think about it, its not bad at all.  We were all pleasantly surprised too on the quality of the food.  Great portions and the food was great too!  The morning all-you-can-eat breakfast is to die for!!  They have everything you can possibly imagine and then some.  That is a must do when you are there (if you like to eat).  🙂   Then another great deal was their ice cream cones.  Just getting what they call their small (which was not small at all… I would call it more like a large), on a wafer cone.  I ordered 3 of them and it came to $7 and some change.  Not bad!  Cotton Candy flavor ice cream I would highly recommend!


We also did the game room.  Very similar to Chucky E Cheese but much nicer games.  That was fun and the kids had fun just sitting in the cars even if they didn’t put tokens in the machine.   Lots of games and you and your children will have a blast in there.  My 4 & 6 year old are addicted to air hockey now.  Thanks Great Wolf… now they are going to be asking Santa for one.  🙂



So at the Lodge they had some pretty neat activities the day that we were there and had a printed out schedule for us which included:  

Wake Up with Wolf Walk at 9:00am.  Which was meet your guide in the Grand Lobby for a wildlife adventure and make your own origami wolf.  

The Great Clock Tower Show 10:00am., 8:00pm., 9:00pm.  Watch the forest friends come to life

Story Time 8:00pm  Wear your pajamas and meet one of your favorite characters in the Grand Lobby for Story Time

Cub Club opens at 10:00am.  Soak up some dry fun in Cub Club with hands-on crafts and fun activities!

Open Crafts in Cub Club 10:00am. – 7:00pm.


The water park itself was amazing.  Perfect for the kids… perfect for the family.  Just what we needed.  We laughed, squirted each other and just had a blast!  I was so glad that both my kids got the same color bracelet (meaning they were in the same height section).  So they could go on the same things.  We were all able to go on everything except for the largest slide… kids were just too small.  But that was ok, they loved everything about being there.  I think they loved getting me wet more then anything.  The fact that its indoors and you don’t have to worry about the weather and sunscreen is just wonderful.  You can go when its super cold and you can go when its super hot and its always the same temperature inside… a perfect 84 degrees.


We did not get to do everything there.  Not enough time in the day.  We will HAVE to go back!  But I am so glad that we had the chance to finally go.  It is so worth every penny.  Everything you get from the the experience of going to the Great Wolf Lodge  and you really are getting a fabulous deal!!

My must do list for next time:

  • Grab a wand and battle the dragon at MagiQuest, their live-action adventure game.  (LOTS of people were playing this… its all over the hotel.  You take your wand around to play this game)
  • Relax and have some delicious fun in the Scooops Kid Spa.  (My 6 year old daughter would just LOVE this…  right up her alley)
  • Cub Club – Exciting programs, crafts and activities. (We kept meaning to go in there but just ran out of time)
  • Elements Spa Salon (Oh YES…  I could use some pampering)

Check it out for yourself at and find one that’s close to you!

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