Rebecca Woolf’s 10 Tips for Decorating a Kid’s Room


Rebecca Woolf brings her fresh and widely admired sense of style to the new video series, ChildStyle with Rebecca Woolf. The five-episode series features Rebecca as she tours, curates and shares some of the most creative nurseries and kids’ rooms around. Check out where you can see a variety of unique and inspirational kid spaces, including the nursery for Rebecca’s 10-month-old twin daughters, and get inspiration from the corresponding photo galleries that feature the rich details of each space.


Rebecca Woolf’s 10 Tips for Decorating a Kid’s Room

1. Zero in on one piece and build from there: For me it’s always been textiles, but an amazing piece of furniture, a beautiful piece of artwork or any piece that moves you can set the tone for your entire space, and in my opinion, should.

2. Forget minimalism. Forget everything you’ve heard about bedrooms being sanctuaries. These are KID spaces. Kid spaces are the opposite of sanct. So stimulate your kids! Give them color! Texture! And pieces that are as fun as they are functional.

3. Get creative with storage: From colorful ottomans to refurbished lockers, there are so many new ways to get creative with storage without having to resort to stacked plastic bowls in the corner of the room.

4. Forgo all match sets: Furniture doesn’t have to match. (In my opinion, it shouldn’t.) Far more interesting to mix and match furniture, regardless of color, texture, even style. So long as there is continuity (color scheme, perhaps?) somewhere the room, then the look is “all systems go.”

5. Go with a theme! Or don’t! Screw themes! Starting with a theme can be really helpful in creating continuity within the space but they can also stifle creativity. Don’t be afraid to ditch original plans and go freestyle. If you love something and it doesn’t fit within the parameters you created, then recreate those parameters.

6. Decorate for the next five years: When decorating a room (especially a nursery) it’s easy to get caught up in the cutesy of “newbornsville.” But if you’re going to invest in decorating a space for your baby, why not invest in something they’ll love and appreciate out of infancy?

7. Make bookshelves a priority: I’ve never met a book-filled room I didn’t love. Books make spaces more interesting. Not to mention the people who inhabit them.

8. Teach old piece new tricks: This has been my mantra since I first sat down to plan my twins’ nursery. Every piece of furniture can be transformed with a coat of paint and some killer brass knobs. Save yourself the headache of finding the perfect dresser and use what you’ve got.

9. Leave love notes: Chalk boards, murals, paintings, even framed greeting cards – there are lots of ways to leave words of love in your children’s spaces. From EE Cummings to Mark Twain to your own age-old wisdom, words to live by are “words to live by” for a reason.

10. Enjoy the process: I don’t mean to get all “mind/body/spirit” on you, but creating a happy habitat starts with you, the creator. If you know DIY projects will stress you out, do NOT take them on. Instead, start with one wall and work your way around. Shop resale when you can and involve your kids if they’re old enough to have an opinion. And most importantly, HAVE FUN! You get to create the setting for your child’s story! Fill it with life. Fill it with love. Let it shine.


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