When was the last time you cleaned…

Are you OCD, a clean freak or maybe  a mom who just needs a little cleaning advice once in awhile – then you will be thrilled to know that the popular HGTV Magazine column “When was the last time you cleaned”  is back, this time discussing often overlooked household items that may need sprucing up around your home.  Here are the highlights from their June/July issue.

…your toilet brush?
How often: Once a month is enough to keep it in fighting shape.
How to: Dunk the brush in a bucket filled with 10 cups hot water, 1 cup bleach, and a squirt of dish soap. Let it soak for an hour as you knock out some other chores, then air-dry. If toilet-brush cleaning doesn’t set your heart on fire, use the disposable kind, which have single-use brushes that pop off into the trash.

…your earbuds?
How often: If you wear them a lot (to the gym, for yard work), that may mean weekly cleaning. Less frequent users can go a month or two.
How to: Wax and dirt buildup block the speaker output and muffle sound, but few people clean earbuds correctly. If the silicone caps are removable, pop them off and gently wipe with a cotton ball dampened with rubbing alcohol. Never saturate or submerge the earbuds. If the covers don’t come off, use a premoistened wipe designed for cleaning hearing aids– the towelettes won’t damage the parts.

…your tabletop fan?
How often: Rinse the grille and blades every few weeks. Any longer and you’re probably blowing dust into the air.
How to: Unplug the fan. Detach the front grille, then unscrew the blade cap and slide the fan blades off. Resist the desire to leave them on; they’re a lot harder to clean when spinning! Unscrew the nut that secures the back grille to the motor, then immerge the grilles and blades in warm water with mild detergent. While they soak, wipe the base with a damp cloth. Thoroughly dry all the pieces before reassembling to avoid getting the motor wet, which could damage it.

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