Sneaky Pete’s {Review}

As featured on National Mom’s Nite Out as a mom’s favorite ~As featured on National Mom’s Nite Out as a mom’s favorite ~

Sneaky Pete’s, the first soluble oat beverage of its kind, is an easy, refreshing, and low calorie way to help you meet the daily requirement for fiber. Delicious all-natural, heart healthy Sneaky Pete’s, which is also low in sodium and sugar, is the only oat based beverage to provide the same amount of soluble fiber as an entire bowl of oatmeal.

Sneaky Pete’s helps keep active adults and families healthy by helping the digestive system absorb nutrients and turn food into energy, establishing good nutrition habits early, and developing and maintaining a healthy population of gastrointestinal bacteria. With a whopping three grams of fiber and only 40 calories per serving, Sneaky Pete’s promotes wellness in all bodies.  It also comes in five “Oat-Standing” fruit flavors, including Apples Away, Peach Perfection, Grape Escape, Raspberry Beret, and Mango Mystique.

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