8 Myths Of Invisalign Teen

When ever I bring up the topic of   Invisalign® Teen I often hear moms interject with their opinions and thoughts which are what I often refer to as the Myths of Invisalign. I do my best to help them understand the true  Invisalign Teen  facts so that they have the correct information and can make choices for their Teens dental care based on Facts rather then Myths.

Here are some of the common Myths and Facts that we moms need to know before we make decisions and choices when it comes to straightening our kids teeth:

MYTH #1: Invisalign® is only for simple problems.

FACT: Invisalign® can be used to fix just about any orthodontic problem.  Invisalign® technology has evolved over the last 5 years. In the past, for example, Invisalign® could not correct overbites. Now it can do just about everything that traditional braces do, but more comfortably and without the “metal mouth.”


MYTH #2: Invisalign® treatment takes twice as long as regular braces.

FACT: Teeth move at the same rate no matter what is moving them. And your treatment time should be the same with Invisalign® as with regular braces.


MYTH #3: My Insurance won’t cover Invisalign®.

FACT: Invisalign® is FDA approved. If you have insurance for orthodontics, you have insurance for Invisalign®.


MYTH #4: I’m too young/old for Invisalign®.

FACT: With Invisalign Teen®   If you have lost most of your baby teeth, you are probably eligible for Invisalign®. There are  patients in invisalign treatment who are in their 60s and 70s who are being treated successfully with Invisalign®. Orthodontics can be done for adults of any age – even those in the later seasons of life


MYTH #5: You’ll need braces to finish treatment after Invisalign®.

FACT: You won’t need braces to “finish” your treatment. If a doctor tells you that you’ll need braces after Invisalign®, look for a second opinion! Invisalign® replaces traditional braces, and accomplishes the same treatment goals as braces do.


MYTH #6: Invisalign® costs a lot more than regular braces.

FACT:  Invisalign® often costs about the same as braces.


MYTH #7:  They work faster than braces.

FACT: Invisalign takes about the same amount of time to achieve optimum results. It takes weeks for teeth to move even a millimeter, no matter how they are moved.


MYTH # 8 : They are Painless
FACT: These clear aligners are indeed less painful than braces, which can cut, irritate and scar gums. However, after each new aligner, the patient will experience some throbbing pain from the pressure for a few days. This pain would also be present when braces were tightened every few weeks, though.

What questions do you have about Invisalign Teen?

* I am a member of the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board. My Son is receiving complimentary treatment from Invisalign, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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