30 Minute Challenge – Summer Bucket List

Has the school bell rung or is it about to ring in your home?  Is your brain filled with ideas of things you would like to do, accomplish and go with your kids?  are you fearing the ” Mommy, I’m bored “days of Summer ahead?   Fear no more with today’s 30 minute challenge.

Today we are going to create Summer Bucket Lists to help us create a fun and simple summer filled with memories.

A Summer bucket list helps us to empty our brain of all the things we want to do with our kids this summer for everything from going to the local park to teaching them a new skill.

Below are several  fun resources to hep you get started creating your own Summer bucket list of fun.


Click here for a full  instructions on how to create your own Summer bucket list.




Click here for a fun container idea and free printables to use to create your Summer bucket list.




Click here for a FREE printable that has over 70 fun Summer activities to do with your kids including instructions, charts and calenders all ready to download, print and begin your summer of fun.





Click here  for a free bucket list printable  you can fill i with your own ideas.

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