You Saw It on 24/7 MOMS Gotta Have It This Summer Webcast ~ Part 4

Belly Armor

Belly Armor products are a must-have for any expecting mom! All products shield pregnant women against more than 99% of everyday radiation from cell phones, laptops, wireless towers and other electronic devices. Made from sumptuous fabrics infused with an advanced technology known as RadiaShield.

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The Banz Beach Tent

We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the Banz line of products, The Banz Beach Tent. Your kids will love playing in this tent while still getting 100% UV protection! The easy snap lock assembly makes it a breeze to set up and take down! Our convenient sand pockets and pegs provide excellent stability. Light weight and easy to store, a must have for a day at the beach!

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Being Green isn’t just for the Spring! With BioBag compostbale bags, you are not only helping limit the amount of polyethylene plastic bags that get put into the environment but you also make the statement to move toward a more sustainable lifestyle year-round. Did you know that over 30% of all the waste that goes to landfills can be composted and turned into nutrient-rich compost that naturally fertilizes the earth? Each of us can make a dramatic difference by choosing to divert these organics away from landfills where they can cause methane (a Greenhouse gas).

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Charm It! Summer Bracelet

CHARM IT! is the original, interchangeable, collectable, giftable, customizable, I just can’t stop smiling charm jewelry brand for girls ages 5, 14 and everything in between.   Brighten up your little sunshine’s day and create an endless summer with CHARM IT! Pink Lemonade, Lil’ Jelly, Bubbles, Ice Cream Pop, Rainbow Flip Flop, Purple Dolphin, Watermelon and Hello Kitty Mermaid charms on a Rainbow Chain Bracelet.  With the snap of a clasp, girls can personalize their CHARM IT! jewelry.

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Recordable Artwork: Canvas Art Kit

Kids have drawn pictures for moms for years, but Hallmark’s Recordable Artwork Canvas Art Kit takes a Mother’s Day drawing to the next level by capturing a child’s voice and the story behind his or her artwork. Equipped with a canvas panel, Crayola washable paints and a big imagination, kids can paint mom or grandma a masterpiece that is then inserted into a 9”x9” recordable frame.


Conversations to Keep: Recordable Book

Filled with open-ended questions that spark imaginative answers, “Mom and Me” and “Grandma and Me” Recordable Books capture the answers only a kid can give. Within the book, kids record themselves answering a variety of questions, such as “If you and mom were aliens, what would you look like and what would you name your planet?” Or, “What does Mom do to show she loves you?”

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Little Mommy Baby So New Doll & Dressed Up Cuties Doll by Mattel

Baby So New doll ~This adorable, soft and cuddly newborn is all dressed up and ready for her first outing. All she needs is a little mommy to take care of her and show her off to the world.

Dressed Up Cuties doll ~These adorable Little Mommy Dress Up Cuties toddler dolls are all dressed up in their favorite costumes and ready for a day of fun in the sun with their little mommies.

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Dr. Doormat

Your shoes bring millions of microbes and toxins into your home every day. The pollutants in soil and dust that we track into our homes may cause allergies, asthma, learning disabilities and even cancer.   And most doormats compound the problem.  Every time you wipe your shoes on an average doormat, it’s like stepping into a reservoir of microbial growth. After watching her baby daughter crawling on the floor, Debbie Greenspan decided to develop a doormat that would block allergens and bar pollutants from entry. Debbie teamed up with microbiologists and a home environmentalist to create the first antimicrobial-treated doormat designed especially for home use.

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Oilo Play Blanket

Turn a questionable area of flooring or carpet into a clean, stylish play space for your baby. Oilo’s new line of play blankets measure 40”x50” and feature a durable cotton duck surface on one side and a snuggly soft sateen finish on the other. Choose from an array of stylish colors and elegant designs accentuated by solid 2-inch flange along the edges. Oilo’s play blankets are designed and fabricated in the USA. Great blankets for summer outings with baby in the park, for picnics with baby, etc, etc.

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Comfy Cozy

Comfy Cozy® inc.  offers a line of both FUN & FUNCTIONAL gifts for all ages.  Our “original” Glow-in-the-Dark pillowcases make turning out the lights fun and help young children conquer their fear of the dark.  For older kids, nothing is cooler than a sleepover with Glow-in-the-Dark pillowcases!  Designs range from cute & whimsical to inspirational & motivating.  Personalization is available & Autograph Sets let you create your own keepsake.   Pillowcases come in Standard & Travel Size.

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Order Up!! Playstation 3 Video Game

Order Up!! is a fresh treat for the PlayStation 3 that offers a humorous and strategic experience building an entire restaurant empire from the ground up. Kids and parents will start their career by learning the ropes at Burger Face and make their way to the top, managing assistants and preparing luxurious faire for restaurant critics at the top of the food chain at fine dining establishments like Stuffolini’s and Kung Fu Fusion.

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