30 Minute Challenge – Meal Planning

What would you organize if you had an extra 30 minutes?  Each time I speak to a group of moms on my family organization talk I challenge the moms at the end of my time with them to set a side 30 minutes a day to begin getting her home and family organized.

Often moms are looking for tips, ideas and inspiration of where to begin and  what to do during those 30 minutes.   Get ready 24/7MOMS will begin sharing  30 Minute Challenges  .

Today we will begin with :

30 Minute Meal Planning – Grab a notebook , pad of paper or create a new document on your computer and let’s begin

Step #1 – List out all of the meal ideas that your family will eat.  You know the typical ones Spaghetti, tacos, chili, lasagna, BBQ hamburgers etc. Title this your master meal list

Step #2 – Decide if you want to create a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meal plan.

Step #3 – Have your calendar available to look at when deciding which meals you will cook on which days  so that you know which are your busy crazy days, what nights you won’t be home for family dinner etc.

Step #4 – Now begin choosing what meals you will cook of which nights. Create a list showing the date/day of week and what you will be cooking  or use a calendar to write your meal plan on.

Step #5 – Take inventory of what ingredients you have on hand for your projected meal plan and then make a grocery list of the items you need to purchase to create your meals.

Step #6 – Enjoy announcing to your kids whats for dinner each day as you hear those  famous words ” What’s for dinner?”

Be sure to save your master meal list to use each time you sit down to do your meal planning.


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