30 Minute Challenge- Kids Chores

Summer is the perfect time to get your kids more involved in helping with chores or better known in my home as family responsibilities.  How often do we dream of having extra help around the house – get ready for that extra help with today’s/ 30 minute challenge.

Today’s 30 Minute Challenge is to create a Chore/family responsibility plan to begin teaching your kids to be active in helping you around the house:

Step 1 – Create a list – of age appropriate chores that you would like your kids to begin helping you with . . Click here for our list of chore ideas.

Step 2 Tracking System- choose a system that works for your family. You can create and print your own on the computer or purchase one. There are a variety of ways and ideas from check off lists, wall charts, online chore charting systems etc.

Step 3 – Family Meeting – Schedule a time to sit down with your kids and implement your new chore/family responsibility system.  Get children involved in the process by allowing them to help choose Go over the chore charts or check off lists so they understand their responsibilities.

Step 4-Teach The How To’s
– Have supplies available and at their reach.
– Model-show how to and don’t forget your attitude with your work load.
– Practice -Do it together-literally side by side training

End result – Chores teach kids responsibility and that they are part of a family community its not about what system you use, if you pay or don’t pay it is about YOUR family and what works for you to bring a little less stress to your home each day.

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