30 Minute Challenge – Medicine Cabinet

Expired medications and  no longer needed supplies seem to quickly fill up my medicine cabinet so today we are going to tackle those cabinets in our 30 minute challenge.

Step one:  Empty out your medicine cabinet and dispose of all expired or soon to expire medications.

Step two: Make a list of needed medications and supplies to restock your medicine cabinet to purchase on your next shopping trip. Check our must have list below for additional items to stock in your medicine cabinet.

Step three: Place all items back into  your medicine cabinet in an organized manner grouping like items together etc.

Must-Have List
• Alcohol or antiseptic wipes and spray
• Antifungal creams (Athlete’s Foot relief)
• Acetaminophen
• Adhesive tape
• Antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes
• Antihistamine
• Aspirin or anti-inflammatory pain reliever
• Bandages in assorted sizes
• Burn cream or aloe vera gel
• Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream
• Cold packs
• Cotton balls, pads and swabs
• Decongestant
• Digital thermometer
• Eye wash kit
• First-aid manual
• Hydrocortisone cream
• Oral syringe for administering medicines
• Scissors
• Sterile gauze pads for large wounds
• Sunscreen
• Tweezers
• Rubbing alcohol to clean thermometers, tweezers, scissors, etc.


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