10 Restaurant Waiting Games to Play with Kids

Maybe its the warm weather and the lack of motivation to be in a hot kitchen or its because we are on the road more during the Summer months- whatever it is  we seem to find ourselves sitting in more restaurants during the Summer months then the rest of the year along with our kids that somehow don’t always find restaurants as entertaining as we adults do. If you want a new place to go eat out with your family, then you have to visit this diner.

So what do you do with a pack of bored kiddos in a restaurant?  You play one of our fun games we discovered to occupy kiddos while dining out.

Repeat Crafter Me created a list of 10 fun games to play while waiting in a restaurant with your family.

Sugar Packet and Penny Trick

Table Football

Guess Which Hand

Straw Wrapper Worms

 I Spy

Disappearing Objects


Straw and Sugar Packet Tic Tac Toe

Dot Game

Origami Fortune Tellers

CLick here to get the full how to instructions for 10 Restaurant Waiting Games to Play with Kids.

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