6 Edible Rainbow Recipes

Rainbow Pancakes

A fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day  breakfast would be with these colorful rainbow pancakes from Welcome To Amanda’s Diner Click herefor complete how to instructions.



Rainbow Angel Food Cake

This would be a FUN dessert to serve on St. Patrick’s day – You could even change the cake top decorations to green sprinkles and gold coins to go with the St. Patrick’s day theme. Click here to get recipe from Table Spoon.



 Leprechaun Magic Cupcakes.

The night before St. Patrick’s day bake a batch of whit un-frosted cupcakes with your children then set them out for the Little Leprechauns.  When morning arrives your children can awake to Rainbow cupcakes that the little Leprechauns have created from their white cupcakes.  Click here to see our video on how to create this fun for your family.  Click here for complete Rainbow Cupcake recipe from Family fun.



Rainbow Jell-O Parfait

Create a colorful Jell-O Dessert wit these Rainbow Parfaits from Glorious TreatsClick here to get full how to instructions and recipe.




Rainbow Waffles

Put smiles on your kids faces when you serve up a rainbow waffle this St Patrick’s day with this recipe from Random Thoughts Of A SupermomClick here for her recipe and how to instructions.



Rainbow Cookie Sandwiches 

from: Betty Crocker

Flavored drink mixes lend their hues and flavors to plain frosting, sandwiching pairs of wafer cookies into colorful confections. To make these simple cookies click here for recipe.

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