Daily Mom Deal: $6.95 for $9.95 Worth of The Clutch that Secures Items on Your Passenger Seat (4-pack)

Daily Mom Deal has a DEAL!!

$6.95 for $9.95 Worth of The Clutch that Secures Items on Your Passenger Seat (4-pack)

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Your purse slides off the passenger seat, scattering your things everywhere. Hit the brakes and your take-out food topples over, dispensing rice and brown sauce all over the floor of your car. Groceries go flying. And even worse, you’re distracted and anxious, rather than focused on driving.

The Clutch for Packages™ is a simple yet elegant solution to the problem – and risk – of purses, take-out food, and other packages sliding or toppling off the passenger seat of your car. No more spilled food. No more contents of purses rolling around under the seat. The Clutch holds them in place while you drive, secured to the adjustable headrest poles. It makes a great little gift (thank-you, stocking stuffer, teacher appreciation, etc.).

This comes in a 4-pack.   So you can keep one and give 3 away!!

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