By Steph Fink

“Ohhhh, I wish I could change my name to It,” my frustrated first grader declared in the middle of having to write his entire name out ten times for homework.

Affirming his last statement with raised eyebrows, “No, wea-lly. I want to change my name to It”.

Mind you that his birth name, Caleb, has only three additional letters.  Cal wea-lly, I mean, really meant it.  It was “It”.

“Well, you can change it for good when you turn eighteen, It,” I calmly replied.

That was all I had to say for both It and me to bust a gut…and a gut we did bust.

Three minutes later, “It” offered his third grade brother “$10 if he’d do his homework.”


All I can say is that “It” did not fall far from the tree.  When the going gets tough, sometimes I just want to declare, “Too difficult, Lord.” I can’t be your kid today.  Or, try to wiggle and barter my way out.

When I’ve had enough of “It” – the situations that try my patience, that’s the moment where I need help. Not necessarily help getting out of the circumstance, but help to get through it without the offer of a $10 bill to pay my way out.

I believe the difficult times have been used to buff off some my rough edges.  Similar to what a pumice stone does to my feet, except much, much prettier.

What if for today, I don’t ask God to change “it” (my circumstances), but I ask God to change me to flex to the circumstances? Do you think “it” makes sense?

**Steph can be found blogging at or on Facebook at Stephanie Fink or on her Facebook page Encouraged in Heart – Stephanie Fink.  She loves big hair, big cups of coffee and big bear hugs.

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