Cupcakes For Dinner – Seriously!

I keep seeing these crazy cupcake recipes that one is supposed to make and serve as a meal. As in dinner for your family – That’s right dinner cupcakes.  Your kids will gobble them up just because you call them cupcakes and you will feel like a super mom knowing that your kids are eating a real dinner rather then begging for another frozen corn dog ( Nate’s favorite).

Get ready to surprise your kids with these dinner cupcake recipes:

Lasagna Cupcakes

Framed cooks adds an Italian flare to her Lasagna cupcakes with the use on wonton wrappers.  Click here for full recipe


Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Emily Bites has gotten into creating Dinner cupcakes with her original Cheeseburger cupcake recipe.  Click here for full recipe.



Taco Cupcakes

Emily Bites has done it again adding the Mexican flavor to dinner cupcake with this Taco Cupcake recipe.  Click here to get the full recipe.


Spaghetti and Meatball Cupcakes

Pasta Cupcake and meatball frosting are what make up this Dinner Cupcake from Emily Bites.  Click here for recipe.




Do you have a Dinner Cupcake recipe or idea?

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  1. I have made meatloaf cupcakes for my kids before. I just used my regular meatloaf recipe but used the foil cupcake liners to hold mini “loaves” and adjusted the baking time. While they baked, I made mashed potatoes and divided them into 3 separate bowls and tinted them with different colors of food coloring and then “frosted” the cupcakes with the potatoes.

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