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I never imagined the impact my oldest son would have on his younger brothers.  Looking back 12 years ago it never occurred to me that one day my then 10 year old would be an adult and his younger brothers eyes would be watching his every move, their ears would be tuned in to his every word.  Today as our oldest lives out of state attending grad school I now see the influence he has on these two younger siblings.  When I hear ‘ Stephen Said” , ” Stephen showed us” , ” Stephen cooks it this way”   I realize he has the opportunity to influence these boys for the good or the bad.  Today I am Thankful the Big Brother in our family takes his responsibility seriously as he lives out the role he did not choose but God choose for him.

Is there a big brother in your home who has the opportunity to influence?   Share this poem with him as a sweet reminder of the role and opportunity they have been given


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  1. Just yesterday I was remarking to my husband that there are “daddy’s girls,” and “mommy’s girls,” but our daughter is “big brother’s girl.” Our son is only 4 but he has the heart of a protector, and his little sister (6 months) lights up when he walks in the room. I’m going to print this poem for his bedroom wall!

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