Daily Mom Deal: Pay $4.48 for $8.95 Worth of Baby Blast Binky Spray!

Daily Mom Deal has a Sweet DEAL!

Pay $4.48 for $8.95 Worth of Baby Blast Flavored Binky Spray

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You are getting 1 bottle of Baby Blast spray that has 410 spritz sprays in it!!

Soothing babies to calm mom’s nerves. Baby Blast ALL Natural YUMMY Vanilla flavor for pacifiers, teething rings and breast feeding. NO artificial colors or flavors, NO sugar or alcohol, NO preservatives and NO BPA’s.

NON- STICKY no mess, its great for ” on the go” moms

What can Baby Blast be used for?
The common uses that mothers find for Baby Blast is spraying on pacifiers for flavoring and to help the baby keep it in their mouth longer, to assist in babies finding their teething rings more tasty therefor using them more often and breast-feeding mother like to use it when their babies are having a difficult time nursing. You can use it on teething rings to get your little ones to use them to help ease the pain.  Even medicine dispensers and more!!


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