5 Out Of The Pizza Box Recipes

Think beyond the traditional pizza with these 6 out of the box pizza recipes to please your pizza loving family.

Pizza Muffins

Use pre-packaged pizza dough mix to create simple pizza muffins for lunch, dinner or even a party appetizer.  Click here for full recipe from Around my family table. 



Mozzarella Pepperoni Pull -A-Part Bread

What a fun and tasty snack for after school or your next party.  I wonder if you could even add in pizza sauce for added flavor.  This Mozzarella Pepperoni  recipe can be found over at Taste of HomeClick here to get full how to recipe.




Pizza Grilled Cheese

Serve Pizza Grilled cheese sandwiches during a cold winter day for a crowd or your kiddos.  We found this recipe over at Forkful of comfort Click here for full recipe



Pizza Rolls

Frozen bread becomes pizza rolls with What About Pies simple how to instructions.  Click here to make your own Pizza rolls with this simple recipe.




Pepperoni Pizza Monkeybread

You can whip this recipe up either  by making  your own favorite pizza dough and marinara sauce, or a little easier by  picking up your favorite pizza dough and red sauce from the store to create this crazy Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread from Confectious of a Foodie BrideClick here to get full recipe


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