5 Hot Chocolate Fun Recipes

Spring is still a few weeks away therefore it is still officially hot chocolate season – Why not celebrate winter with hot chocolate fun :

Nutella Hot Chocolate

I discovered Nutella as a child when my parents would arrive hoe from Europe with suitcases filled with this sweet treat that most children never even heard of – now it can even be found on your local Target shelves and now there are recipes to create hot chocolate using Nutella.  Audrina’s Vanity blog shares the full recipe.  Click here to get the recipe now.



Cookie Dough Hot Chocolate

Who would have thought melted ice cream turns to Hot chocolate until this recipe appeared over in the family kitchen on BabbleClick here to get the full recipe.



Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate

I know, I know Hot chocolate is supposed to be hot until one discovers the famous Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe.  Click here for recipe to create this amazing frozen drink



Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Red Velvet is no longer just a cake flavor it is now also a hot chocolate flavor wit this recipe from A Beautiful Mess BlogClick here to get the full recipe.




S’More Hot Chocolate

The famous summer campfire treat lands in a winter mug with this S’more recipe from oh, bite itClick here for full recipe.



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  1. Oh, my…these look amazing! Hot chocolate just might be the best thing about winter. 😉 I, too, was lucky enough to have an uncle in Germany who used to bring us Nusspli, which is pretty much the same as Nutella. My friends liked to come to our house after school because we made toast with peanut butter and Nusspli as our after-school snack! I actually STILL make that for myself when the munchies hit and I need a simple-but-yummy treat! 🙂

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