Winter S’Mores

One of my favorite summertime treats to eat is  yummy  S’more made with marshmallows roasted over the camp fire.  However, in the winter time there are no campfires to roast my marshmallows over therefore my cravings for S’mores can get pretty bad until now that I have found this  Winter S’more idea from Sweetened With HoneyClick here to get her full recipe and feed your Sweet S’more cravings with a Winter S’more.



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4 Responses

  1. Those do look good, but a lot of un-necessary work. I make indoor smore’s all the time, with the usual inredients.

    Just lay out your graham crackers on a cookie sheet, top 1/2 with a marshmallow & the other 1/2 with a square of milk chocolate bar. Place under the broiler just until marshmallow’s begin to brown. Remove from oven, flip chocolate covered graham cracker piece onto marshmallow covered graham cracker piece & press to spread the softened marshmallow. Set onto a cookie cooling rack for a few minutes or until graham cracker cools enough to pick-up.

    I’ve also made these in my toaster oven, when I only needed to make a few.

    Eat them in front of a fireplace & you won’t even be missing the smell of the fire.

  2. we just tried marshmallow on a stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed graham cracker. Lots of fun to make with the kids and easy to eat.

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