Tooth Brush Organizer

Have you ever handed your child their toothbrush only wondering if it really was their and not one of their siblings?  I have.  We recently bought a cabin and I have been working on stocking it so we don’t have to take our things back and forth each time we visit.  On our last visit I called the two youngest boys to the bathroom to come brush those teeth of theirs and suddenly as I handed the blue tooth brush to my youngest I  could not remember if that really was his from the last time we were at the cabin – I mean seriously what mom can remember two weeks later what color tooth brush she assigned each child?  So, when I came across this picture on Pinterst of one way a mom labeled her kids tooth brushes.  I thought Ah Ha this is the answer to keeping it straight no more trying to remember which tooth brush belongs to which child in my house.

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