Simple Fools Toffee – You got to try it

During this past Christmas baking season I often heard moms commenting on their latest craze of making what they called Fools Toffee or Cracker Toffee I had no idea what this new craze was until I discovered this one on Plum Adorable that I asked Jenny if we could share with our 24/7 MOMS – of course she was more then willing to share her own discovery with us :

Fools Toffee

The first time I had this was when I first joined Mops. Abby was only a year and a half so that means it was the year 2003. Wow! Time sure does fly! A fellow Mops mom (Courtney) had brought it to share. I just remember that I could NOT stop eating it. I hounded her for the recipe and the rest is history. Seriously, this stuff is so good. And the best, or possibly the worse part, is that it is so easy to make.

Take a jelly roll pan (or baking sheet-whatever you call them) and line it with aluminum foil. Spray it down with Pam. Layer the pan with a single layer of saltines.  Turn your oven on to 375 degrees.

*I have NO IDEA why the saltine’s look different. I used up what I had and bought an off brand. Odd. Doesn’t matter, you can’t tell the difference. Yes, I’ve tasted both sides. Multiple times already.

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Heat the butter & brown sugar together and boil for 4 minutes.

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Pour the butter mixture over the crackers spreading evenly. Bake at 375 degrees for 5 minutes.

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Once it’s out of the oven sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. The original recipe called for milk chocolate, but I have always used semi-sweet. Allow them to soften and spread chocolate evenly.

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Sprinkle the nuts on top. I used pecans this time because I had some left over from Christmas. But, walnuts are also good. Place in the refrigerator and allow to cool and harden. A couple of hours?

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Here is the best part. Once it’s hardened all you need to do is take the foil off of the pan. It should be one big piece of toffee at this point. Peel the foil away from the toffee and then break up into chunks. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Look at that mess of goodness calling your name!

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Store in the refrigerator and good luck not eating it all in one day.

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Fool’s Toffee

1 cup of butter

1cup packed dark brown sugar (light will not work)

36 (2×2) saltine crackers

12 oz. chocolate chips (milk or semi-sweet)

1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

In a saucepan over medium-high heat, blend butter and brown sugar. Heat to boiling and boil for 4 minutes. Cover a 10×15 inch jelly roll pan with aluminum foil and spray lightly with Pam. (I think I’ve used bigger and smaller before? Just add more or less crackers). Place a single layer of saltines on foil, close together. Pour butter mixture over crackers, spreading evenly. Bake at 375 degrees for 5 minutes. Immediately sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Allow to soften and spread evenly over cooked crackers. Sprinkle with nuts. Refrigerate until cool. Break into pieces and store in refrigerator. Can be kept in the refrigerator for 1-2 weeks. Doubt it will last that long. 😉



from Plum Aborable  stop by and visit Jenny’s blog and discover more great ideas




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4 Responses

  1. I made it for the first time last month and couldn’t believe how good it was. My husband couldn’t stop eating it! The recipe I had had a couple of differences. Mine called for light brown sugar and it worked fine. For the topping it called for a bag of (Heath) toffee bits but if I make it again I am going to try the nuts instead because the toffee bits are more expensive. It also called for one tsp. of vanilla added to the mixture before it is poured over the crackers. My recipe also called for milk chocolate chips but I used the semisweet instead because we like it better. I didn’t store it in the fridge and it kept just fine, for as long as it lasted!

  2. This is truly addictive. I actually ate 1/2 the pan before anyone else even knew I had made it. I’ve had this “Mock Roca” recipe since about 1983, where I worked with over 100 women. We had a regular newsletter where we shared recipes. Some of my best dishes came from that time!

  3. Oh.Em.Gee. Totally pinned it and put ‘chocolate chips’ on shopping list for today! Can’t wait to make this yummy mess o’ goodness! I thank you, even if my hips do not. 🙂

  4. Yep. I’m pretty sure I have all the ingredients for this in my cupboard (i’m going to try peanuts) so I will probably be making this tomorrow.

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