Never Thought I’d Own a _________

We all dream of owning various things some big things, some small things, some cheap and some expensive but have you ever dreamed of owning something personalized just for you?

While I was away visiting family in California last month a personalized delivery arrived at my home and what a surprise it was when I arrived back home.  A few weeks prior I had received a gigantic surprise box in the mail from Chiquita filled with various items shopping bags, a camel pack, T-shirts , beach toys and more including  a mysterious note attached that said I needed  to be looking out for a surprise delivery in the next few weeks.  I began waiting and waiting wondering week after week what would this surprise be – I asked others what they thought and they guessed everything form a monkey to a banana tree. But let’s be real neither of those would last long in Washington. So what would the BIG surprise delivery be?

The surprise was something I never thought I would own.  A bicycle, not just any bicycle but a personalized bicycle for 24/7 MOMS that’s right 24/7 MOMS has it’s very own bicycle from Chiquita.  Check out the pictures and if your ever in the area maybe I’ll let you take a spin on my new bike.  I’m looking forward to many bike rides in the days ahead on my personalized 24/7 MOMS Chiquita bike this spring maybe we will go on a pic-nick and bring along Chiquita bananas to celebrate the fun surprise they sent me.

Until then how about making a yummy recipe using Chiquita bananas- The Banoffee  Danger Pie from Brooklyn Limestone.  You will even learn a new trick when boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk – can you say Toffee?  Click here for step by step how to instructions on making The Banoffee Danger Pie.

Thank you Chiquita for such a fun surprise – I will think of you every time I’m eating my Chiquita Bananas.



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