I’m Not a Stalker, Okay?

By Steph Fink

I recently had coffee with a woman that I really love and admire, my mentor.  She’s humorous, graceful and most intriguingly, Godly.  Not a, thump-ya-in-the-back-of-your-head-with-her-Bible-Godly, but a live-out-loud-what-the-Bible-says-Godly.  She knows the Bible so well, that her life mirrors the words in the Bible.

She’s a few miles further down the road of life than I am.  She has older kids, a longer marriage and lived through more bumps in the road but unfortunately, I have more gray hair.  What is up with that one?!?

Before becoming a freelance writer, I was a government-trained investigator.  That’s right, your hard-earned taxpayer dollars taught me how to more effectively snoop.  I therefore can write this with a rather wobbly confidence that I’m not a stalker (Is that what the Justin Bieber groupies say too?) but rather trained investigator.  The difference I cling to between the words investigator and stalker is if and where you received your training.

As an investigator, I collected clues and tid-bits to write fact-based reports that were called Reports of Investigation. Since I’m beginning to twitch with that thought…and also been feeling rather list-deficient lately, here’s what my on-going investigation concluded about my mentor.

This gal is the real deal. Know why? Here’s my Report of Investigation in “List Mode”:

  1. Her husband is a priority.  We were in the middle of a serious (not life changing, but very serious) discussion when her cell phone rang. She quickly said, “I’m sorry, this is my husband and I wouldn’t answer it for anyone else but him.”
  2. She’s patient. She sees purpose in waiting because she knows that God answers prayers in the right time.
  3. She’s wise. She doesn’t speak quickly. Before making two important decisions she said, “I’m going to pray about it.”  And then solicited this stalker…um, investigator’s prayer too.  Oh yeah, then she went back to #1.  She said she won’t go forward without God’s and hubby’s input and blessing.
  4. She loves to laugh and is so much fun to be around.
  5. She knows the true temperature of the situation but doesn’t let it stop her from doing what she’s supposed to do.
  6. She understands that the most powerful ministry is the ministry that goes on with no formal title.  And the gal has had some visible formal titles.
  7. She won’t allow her talents not be used.
  8. She’s not boastful about her talents.
  9. Her kids dig her.
  10. She’s generous. (The gal bought my coffee! Do you honestly think I’m going to leave her alone now?)

Do you know that today, there is most likely someone investigating you? What do you think their report of investigation would conclude about you?

What are some traits that you admire most from women that you’ve investigated?

***Steph can be found blogging at www.encouragedinheart.org or on Facebook at Stephanie Fink or on her Facebook page Encouraged in Heart – Stephanie Fink.  She loves big hair, big cups of coffee and big bear hugs.

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  1. I love how you ‘investigated’ each part of her personality. It really made me think. I have certain friends I just love being around, but I’ve never stopped to consider why. I’m going to take some time to do that. Thanks!

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