Girls Night Out The Fun and Frugal Way

By: Amy Hannold

247Moms Frugal Living Editor

Cheer up yourself and your friends with a night out. You can have fun and not break the bank. All you need is a little creativity and a little planning. Here are some ideas.

Clothes Swap Night

Gather your friends and ask them to clear out their closets. Each person brings a few items they’d like to swap for “new-to-you” wares. Compliment your evening with a potluck array of appetizing delights.

Movie Night

Survey the group for an “oldie but goodie”. Rent a movie from years ago you might have enjoyed in years past. Enjoy the company if your friends while you remeniss. Each person can bring their favorite movie treat to share.

Dining Experiences

Using a great dining deal from Living Social, Groupon, the Entertainment Book, a coupon from ValPak (smartphone app, online or in the mailed blue envelope), in your phone book supplements (yes, there can be coupons in there!), or or local newspaper. You can also find coupons on the website of your local TV or radio station.

 Project Helpers Unite

Get together with your friends and schedule a series of nights or days when the group can help each other with a project. Use coupons, garage sales, store clearances, Craigslist and other reduced price opportunities to make finishing the project more affordable. When you create a schedule of projects ahead of time, everyone can be on the lookout for supplies. Perhaps they’ll find them to contribute in your own home!

Game Night

Thus is the time to enjoy a game that you’d love to play more than once. As a group, choose a game or two. Enjoy your evening with a theme of appetizers, entrees and/or desserts.

Crafting Creations

Research and find a one-evening craft/creative project the group would like to enjoy completing. Again, use your money-saving resources and collaboration to attain the supplies.

“Bucket List” Done Night

Are you behind in your scrapbooking, journalling or other “to-do” item? Making a date to complete it, with the encouragement and camaraderie of your friends just might get it done!

However you spend your time together, enjoy those moments. Once you enjoy them and remember the fun, you’ll be motivated to create more in the future to look forward to.






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