Affordable Ways to Help Your Childs School

By: Amy Hannold, 247Moms Frugal Living Editor

Helping your child’s school raise funds can be done creatively and without breaking your own bank.  Since 2007, has paid 3.3 million dollars to schools and non-profits. Your organization can form a “brigade”, which is a project to collect items not ordinarily recyclable in most communities. By collecting and sending in TerraCycle’s list of items (postage paid), you’ll earn points towards funds sent to your group.  Examples of items include toothpaste caps and tubes, drink pouches, potato chip bags and dental floss containers.  Certain electronic items are also recycled through TerraCycle.  TerraCycle works with manufacturers who recycle the materials or “upcycle” them into Capri Sun pencil pouches, Huggies packaging bibs, etc.  My children’s school and many others already participate in this program.  All you have to do is register your merchant loyalty card and/or credit card.  Participating companies will donate a percentage of your purchase to the beneficiary organization of your choice.  Check with your school’s PTA, favorite stores, or organization’s fundraising committee.  Be on the lookout for deals on products which have the BoxTops4Education logo on them.  Clip the boxtops and send them to school with your child.  You can also earn boxtops with grocery store promotions, Sunday coupon insert bonus offers,   or shopping at participating retailers through the Boxtops4education website.  At, you can also earn boxtops from sweepstakes, “click and earn” activities, purchases at,  and other promotions. is a great source for money saving coupons.  Campbells’ fundraising program is similar to BoxTops4Education.  Collect the “LablesForEducation” segments of product packaging.  You can print out a list of participating products at the website. View the “Bonus Offers” page for earning promotions and offers to boost your collection efforts.  Schools supporters can earn points for sharing their collection tips, showing off what they’ve earned and for your community service.   At, you can register your store loyalty cards to credit your chosen school towards their fundraising goal.  Purchase gift cards through your participating school and they will earn towards their fundraising goal.  Gift cards can be used for gifts, and for a cash-free way to shop (great for kids and budgets!).  Schools place orders on a regular basis and supporters receive their cards quickly.  Instead of purchasing new cards, you can reload your card online.

Stockpile Food Drive Items:  My kids are thrilled when they’re able to take in a big bag of food to help their class win the food drive competitions. It’s catching on in my community, that shopping frugally with coupons boosts the amount we’re able to donate, without overspending.

Bake Sales and other Booster Events:  Use your grocery-shopping smarts to help your organization buy items they need, for less.  Utilize knowledge of seasonal and post-seasonal sales to stock up on paper goods, sodas, snacks, raffle gifts, etc.

We’d love to hear your “Fundraising for Less” ideas.  Thanks for sharing!

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