Disney The Muppets – Movie Review

Film director James Bobin gets the nod from the Disney Studios to bring Kermit the Frog out of retirement for a special purpose. Easy enough, right? Unfortunately, Kermit has become a hermit. Bobin must first locate Kermit in order to ask him to return to the stage. Bobin uses a newcomer muppet by the name of Walter and his brother, Gary (Jason Segel) along with Jason’s girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams) to tell the story of how a Muppet Show cast reunion with song and dance became a reality to save the Muppet enterprise.

Walter, Gary and Mary live in Smalltown, U.S.A. It is a delightfully happy place to reside. Walter and Gary have been inseparable their whole life but now in adulthood, they begin to take different career paths. Gary is serious with his girlfriend, Mary (Amy Adams) and invites her to visit the big city of Los Angeles along with Walter. It will be their last vacation together before their paths separate.

The first stop on their Los Angeles vacation is a visit to the famous Muppet Studio, Theater and Museum. Walter, a fan of The Muppet Show since childhood, aspired to become one of the cast members but derailed the idea recognizing that he had no talent to offer. Sigh! The tour is a disappointment because the property is horribly run down. Walter lags behind the tour to hang out in the old office of Kermit the Frog for a moment of silence and reflection. He hears a group of men enter the office so he hides. He is not supposed to be on the premises without the tour guide. Walter over hears a disturbing conversation that could be the demise of the Muppet Enterprise. A conniving scheme is planned by an oil tycoon, Rex Richman (Chris Copper) to purchase The Muppet Studios property, destroy it and drill for the oil that was discovered beneath the foundation. The only way that the Muppet enterprise can be saved is to pay the $10 million owed on the property by the end of the contract that culminates in a matter of days. Gulp! Walter is in shock and relays his experience to Gary and Mary.

Walter, Gary and Mary bargain for more than a vacation and set out to find Mr. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the old gang to bring the news of the dastardly deed and challenge the former Muppet Show cast and crew to save the livelihood they all held dear for so many years. And, to preserve The Muppet show-biz archive for future generations

Review by: Karen Pecota


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