5 Simple and Cheap Christmas Wrapping Ideas

While strolling the Christmas gift wrap isles in my local big box store it occurred to me that one could spend a weeks worth of their grocery budget buying wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, gift tags and all the other doodads to go along withe wrapping up beautiful packages.

When it comes to gift wrapping I would prefer to spend more money on the gift and find ways to create cheap wrapping solutions.

Here are 5 cheap gift wrapping solutions to hlep you save those hard earned dollars:


#1 – Kraft Bag MakeoverThe Party Studio blog shares her simple and cheap use of brown lunch sacks to create simple gift bags.  Click here for directions.





#2 – Spiffy Kraft  Paper wrap:  33 Shades of Green shares her idea of transforming Kraft paper into festive packages Click here for how to instructions.





#3 Newspaper Gift Bags:  How About Orange created the Eco friendly gift bag using recycled  news paper.  Click here to get  her step by step instructions.






#4 Outdoor Sprucing: Take  a walk and discover  things you can use to spruce up your pckages this Christmas





#5 Pop Can Gifts:  Reuse old cans and be environmentally friendly. Create the cutest Christmas goodie pop top can. This craft is great for your friends and family. Everyone loves getting a little gift filled with all kinds of fun.  For how to instructions click here to go to Fave Crafts.









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  1. My grandmother used to always give Christmas presents in brown paper grocery sacks. She’d write each person’s name on in magic marker and fill them with all kinds of little goodies. It was great fun to go through our Christmas sacks!

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