4 Simple Christmas Centerpieces

A Peppermint Glow

A sleek, simple tray with pillar candles and peppermint puffs is part decoration, part dessert — and a less traditional take on the classic candy dish. Idea came from Good House Keeping .



Filled Glass Jar

Bon Bon Rose Girls share 2 simple ideas using one jar to create  Christmas centerpieces.  They have a step by step video you can watch so you can create your simple centerpieces.  Click here for instructions.



Snow Bottles

Cleverly Inspired came up with a unique way to re-purpose bottles into a festive centerpiece. I think this  festive snowy bottle idea could be used with any size bottles or jars.  Click here for step by step how to instructions.



Santa In The Center

Re-purpose your coffee can and an old belt into an adorable centerpiece with this idea from Sew Many WaysClick here for how to instructions.

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