14 Post Christmas Family Fun Ideas

The Celebration is over, the packages are unwrapped and now it is either time to begin the un-decorating or continue the family fun. I choose the family fun, we can  get to the cleaning up once the kids are back in school.

Here are our 14 post Christmas family fun ideas:

Ice Skating – Take your kids ice skating to either an indoor or an out door rink.

PJ Day – Announce a stay in your PJ day. Allow your kids to hang out all day in their PJ’s.

Snow Day – If you live close to the snow, pile your kids into the car and head to the snow for a fun day of sledding or skiing

Puzzle fun – Begin a family puzzle that you work on during your kids Christmas vacation.

Gamer day – Announce an all day video Game day for the family. Even mom and dad get to play video games with the kids. Make up fun competitions, eat pic-nick style while playing games.

Bowling – Take your kids to the local bowling alley for a family fun game. Be sure to ask for bumpers. Award prizes to your kids,

Movie Day – Who doesn’t love a movie day? Rent or watch already owned moves your entire family can enjoy. Pop that popcorn get out the left over Christmas treats and enjoy a day together.

Museum fun – Play tourist and visit your local museums with your kids. Be sure to check for free and discount days.

Plan a post Christmas party – Was life crazy the last few weeks and you never got around to hosting a Christmas party. Plan a post Christmas party for families.

 Family Reading – Did anyone get a new book that the whole family would enjoy? hold a nightly family reading time and enjoy a book together.

Art Projects – Do you have a kid art project you have been waiting to have time to accomplish with you kids. Now is a great time to do an art project with your kids.

Scrap booking fun – Take a day and create a 201 Christmas scrapbook of your activities and celebrations.

Game Time – Don’t put away the new games your children received without first playing them. Take time and have a family game night or day.

Cooking Fun – Kids love to cook why not let them help you prepare a meal one night or better yet prepare and freeze a few meals for the busy days ahead.

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