10 Simple New Years Eve Traditions and Activities

Let the countdown begin with one of these 10 fun and simple New Years eve traditions and activities


#1 Time Capsule – Kelli Crowe has a fun idea to create a family Time Capsule.  Click here for her how to instructions.





#2 Balloon Countdown-  Everyone loves popping balloons so why not add a fun Balloon popping countdown to your New Years eve celebration.  How Does She shares her fun how to instrucions on her iste.  Click here to go there now.




#3 Bubble Wrap Stomp – When ever a package arrives in my home filled with bubble wrap my kids beg to begin stomping the bubble wrap  making fire cracker sounding noise.  Celebrate this New Years eve with a LOUD Bubble wrap stomp.  Pick up a supply of Bubble wrap at your local office supply store and get your party guests stomping as the clock strikes midnight.




#4  Looking Back looking Ahead –  30 Handmade days created this FREE printable that you and your kids can each fill out to remember the past year and set goals for the yer ahead.  A fun activity to do on New Years eve or new Years day.  Click here to get your free printable.




#5 Clock Game – Keep the kids busy wit a fun dice clock game from The Idea Room.  Click here for full game rules and how to create your own game.





#6 Wish Box – Give out fun boxes with WISH on top of them then have party attenders write out all of their Wishes for 2012.  Next year on New Years Eve everyone will open their WISH box to see if their wishes came true.  This fin idea is from Poca Cosa.  Click here for her full how to instructions





#7 Confetti Cake –  Celebrate New Year’s or any special occasion with Confetti Cake. Click here for how to and recipe



#8 Family Letter –  Write a combined letter with each family members input with memories, stories and thoughts about the year. Seal in an envelope writing the current year on it and put in a safe place to open 5 to 10 years from now.




#9 Mid- Night Snack –Looking for a fun favor to send home with your guests on New Years?Check out these cookies labeled….Midnight snack Simply take a CD sleeve add a large cookie.Then attach this very cute note that Simply Creative Insanity created and is FREE to print. Click here to get your FREE download.


#10 Countdown Goodie Bags –  Create Countdown activity goodie bags filled with fun activities or goodies to help your kids or party guest countdown the hours till the New Year.   Click here for two how to versions of this fun.



What fun activities or traditions does your family use to celebrate a New Year?

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  1. It’s like we have the SAME MIND! 🙂 This post is soooooo similar to one I did yesterday! 🙂 Also, the new site looks AMAZING. What a wonderful resource this site is for moms EVERYWHERE! Keep up the great work in 2012!! xoxo

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