“Give Coupons, Make Memories”

Amy Hannold, Frugal Living Editor

I remember when I was a little girl how much I loved creating “coupons” as gifts for my loved ones. Even my brother and sister got into the tradition, by giving each other coupons valid for a night off from our kitchen cleanup duty or other chores. We loved giving coupons which our parents could exchange for hugs, breakfast in bed or their choice of television program. Gift coupons make great stocking stuffers and they make great memories!

Giving coupons which recipients can exchange for your gift of time or service gives everyone something to look forward to.

Here are a few tips:

Coupons valid for your time, talent, or service can include a task a relative wants to accomplish, a need someone has for skill you have, or an invitation to a day designed with them in mind. Grandmas would love coupons for “Attic Cleaning Help and a Prepared Lunch”, “Tea Party Afternoon”, or “Yard Work Services”. Friends would appreciate the coupon gift of a prepared meal, interior design, landscaping, babysitting, or other help.

Be ready for your recipients to take you up on your coupon offers. Plan accordingly for the funds, time and supplies you’ll need for the coupons you’ve distributed.

Coupons can be individually created or placed in a “Coupon Book”. Kids and adults will have fun making the coupons using fancy scissors, colors, and fun text.

Use cardstock paper for durability, and consider making the binding of your special coupon book with paper-punch holes and ribbon.

Where to find Coupon Templates and other ideas:

Microsoft Office Online has templates for coupons, including a variety of occasions:


Homeschooling and family craft sites also have ideas.

Moms, these coupons, once created and used, will be valuable keepsakes. Making coupon books will become an anticipated tradition, enjoyed now and in the future. Along the way, you’ll be modeling for your children the joy in gifts of our talents, time and service.




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