Stretch The Mighty Gasoline Dollar


Stretch the mighty dollar in your mom travels-

With the continual rise in gasoline prices I have been reading up on how to stretch the mighty gasoline dollar.

I came across one website that was filled with tons of great information on saving money on gasoline. Here are a few examples from their site

Combine trips.If you can, do several short trips in one longer trip. You will savefuel and time. Make lists to avoid having to go back. Call ahead toavoid wasted trips.
Park in the first spot you find. If youwander all over the parking lot looking for that really close parkingspace, you’ll use more gas. Don’t be afraid to walk a ways, if it comesto that – the walk will do you good!

Join a loyalty club.Some gas stations, department stores and grocery stores offer lowerprices when you present their membership card, but keep your eyes openand verify that their prices are really lower than other stations inyour neighborhood. ( Safeway and Fred Meyers have these type of clubs).

Park in the shade.Gasoline actually evaporates right out of your tank, and it does sofaster when you park directly in the sun – winter or summer. Parking inthe shade also keeps it cooler inside, so you will need less A/C tocool off when you get back in. If there is no shade available, park sothat your gas tank (the actual tank under the car, not the valve tofill it) is facing away from the direct sun.
Use a globalpositioning system (GPS) to help you navigate and find the fastest,shortest distance to your destination. Avoiding hills and stops willincrease your gas mileage.
Clean out any unnecessary items inyour car. If you have heavy objects in your car that you don’t need,remove them. If your car is lighter, it will use less fuel to get whereyou’re going.

Change the oil regularly Use a synthetic oil instead of mineral oil. This will cause your engine to run better and give you better mileage.

Check the air pressure in the tires every week. Buy an inexpensive air pump and an accurate tire gauge. Keep all tires inflated to the pressure recommended for your car.
For additional tips on stretching your gasoline dollar check out

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