Mom Tip: No More Chore Nagging

MOM Tip: For many years now  I have used a kids ” To Do List” for my children.  I daily place out a clipboard with a list of their To Do’s.

It all began one night when I kept hearing myself say “Did you do your homework, did you brush your teeth, did you put away your laundry, did you practice piano, did you empty the dishwasher, did you, did you, did you” was all I could here myself saying to my then 3 children.  Then it hit me.  Stop saying it and create a to do list for them and then all I would need to say is “did you do your to do list?”.  WOW how easy could it be?

The next day I created a Weekly To Do chart including all the things I used to Say “did you do”- everything from homework, packing bags for the next day, practicing piano to cleaning their rooms. My Nagging To Do’s ceased.

Do you feel like your the Nagging  – did you do mom?

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