Count Your Blessings One By One – The Holiday Blessing Jar

Family,friends, a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our back and a car to drive are some of the daily blessings we have along with so many more.

I think it is important that we remind ourselves and teach our children of the many daily blessings we have in our lives. So in looking for a creative fun way to do that this holiday season I came across the fun idea of creating a Holiday Blessing Jar.

Take an empty jar with a lid and label it Blessing Jar or Your family name and blessings such as “The Novotny Family Blessings”. Tie ribbon or raffia around the lid,decorate the jar for extra creativity.

Next, cut pieces of paper in strips and place in a pile or a basket along with pencils next to the jar. ( use red and green paper to be festive)

Now, share with your family that from now until Christmas that you are going to daily write down various blessings in our lives and place them in your Blessing Jar. ( be sure to have them place their name and date on each blessing they write).
Observe as your family begins to count their blessings one by one with a grateful attitude as your family blessing jar fills up by Christmas morning.

Make it a tradition to read these blessings around the breakfast or dinner table on Christmas.

Be sure to pack away your new Blessing Jar with your Christmas decorations so that you can begin using it each year as a new family tradition ofcounting your blessings one by one.

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