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Withlots of assignments occupying elementary school students, the Cadoozles mechanical pencils featuring 6vibrant graphic themes will be a hit. From sports and space designs tomusic and ice cream themes, they’ll have so much fun with this pencil thatdoesn’t need sharpening, they won’t even notice they are working on theirpenmanship!
Zebra Pen is proud to announce the Erase Away – America’s first retractableball point erasable pen. The Erase Away boasts technologically advancederasable ink – available in blue, black or red ink – allowing for multiplerewrites without damage to the document. Unlike erasable pens of the past, theErase Away does not have separate “erasable cap” – so there is no chance oflosing your eraser.
It’s most fashionable product, the Z-Grip Animals pen, featuring animal prints for those who wantto show their wild side. The Animals are a part of Zebra Pen’s #1 sellingline, the Z-Grip which boast ribbed rubber grip for writing balance andcontinuous comfort. And with their distinct look, there’s no way someone canclaim they didn’t steal your pen.
Developed from the feedback of over 50,000 consumers, the Sarasa SE showcasesfeatures most important to consumers including ink visibility, superior gel inkfor a scratch-free write, a strong metal clip and a complex textured grip. Thisgrip stands out among others due to its extreme durability, which can be testedpre-purchase through the package cut outs.Available in 8 vibrant colors including, black, blue, red, green, violet,pink, teal, orange – perfect for color coding.

Zebra Pen products can befound nationwide at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, andother office supply stores, discount chains, food and drug retailers,stationery stores and wholesale clubs. 

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WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Zebra Pen are giving away Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils, Erase Away Pall Point Pen, Z-Grip Animals Ball Point Pens, and Sarasa Gel Retractables. 

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