DIY Fun Halloween Decorations

Here are some fun and easy Halloween decorations that you can even get the kids to help you with!

Floating Eyes See YOU By Family Fun

Materials you will need:


Ping-Pong Balls

Battery Tea lights

Permanent Markers

Construction Paper

Glue dots


*Cut an X in the ping-pong ball and place securely over the battery operated tea light flame.

*Draw eye details with permanent markers.

*Embellish eyes with construction paper details secured with glue dots.

Owl a Glow Paper Lantern By Family Fun

Materials you will need:

Paper Lantern Globe from craft or party store for the body

Scrapbooking Paper for eyes, facial features and wings. Secure with glue dots.

Jute Twine and orange construction paper for talons. Insert twine through bottom center bar of globe. Attach paper talons to each side.

8.5 by 6 fan-folded construction paper inserted under to center bar for head feathers.

Hang from an appropriate light fixture with a low-wattage bulb for an “Owl A Glow” craft or simply from a clear fishing line for an “Owl In Flight”.

Signs of Danger by Woman’s Day
Materials you will need:
Glue stick
Colored construction paper
Garden stakes
Give ’em fair warning with “Caution,” “Danger” and other pleas to turn back before it’s too late. Using a glue stick or spray glue, attach colored paper to corrugated cardboard (for strength), then cut out desired shape. Glue on words and designs made out of more colored paper, then attach the entire sign to a garden stake placed askew in the ground.
Peek-a-Boo Pumpkins by HGTV
Materials you will need:
3 to 5 miniature pumpkins


a mixture of 3 to 5 small bowls and lidded dishes
spray primer (if any of the dishes are not black or white)
black and/or white spray paint

googly eyes

craft glue

Collect Dishes
Pull together a grouping of small, inexpensive bowls or lidded dishes. Tip: Search flea markets and thrift stores for super cheap options with character.   The idea is to paint all the dishes black or white, so use spray primer to coat any of the dishes that aren’t either of those colors.  Once the spray primer is completely dry, use black and/or white spray paint to coat all of the primed surfaces.  Apply craft glue to the back of a pair of googly eyes (Image 1), then attach one set of googly eyes to each pumpkin (Image 2). Tip: Place the pumpkins in the dishes before you attach the eyes so you can make sure they’re positioned correctly.

Spider Tea Light Holders By Real Moms Real Views
Materials you will need:

Mini pumpkins

Black pipe cleaners

White Tea light candles

Scoop out top of pumpkin just enough to fit the candle in it.  Use a hand drill and drill 8 holes (4 on each side) for the legs.  Add the pipe cleaners and bend to make them look like legs.

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