One Kiss + One Cup of Coffee = Two-gether


By Steph Fink

My husband and I werethere…again.  Our once passionaterelationship slowly eroded into a business partnership…again.
And, this wasn’t the first timethat we’d been “there”.
As devoted parents, volunteers,employees, kids, friends, etc…the hustle and bustle we allowed in our livesmade us passing ships in the night.
I woke early one Saturdaymorning to meet some girlfriends for breakfast.  My husband heard me and said, “Good morning.”  I returned the “Good morning” and wentto shower.
Once in the shower I thought, “When did we stop kissing each other firstthing in the morning?” 
The following morning I wokeearly, just cause.  Dave heard meslide out of bed and again gave his, “Good morning.”  I returned his “Good morning” and walked over to his side ofthe bed to give him a good morning kiss.
About an hour later, Dave camedownstairs and asked, “Have you had your coffee yet?”  “Nope, not yet”. Less than a minute later my coffee was delivered to me, in my favoritepink Minnie Mouse cup that says, “Mornings Aren’t Pretty!” with just the rightsplash of milk to make my morning java the color that I like it.
It may seem like nothing orinsignificant to you.
Romans 12:9a (New InternationalVersion) says that, “love must be sincere”.
My husbands’ love language isphysical touch.  My kissing himspoke more than just the kiss, it spoke love.  My love language is coffee.  Alright, that love language doesn’t fall neatly under one ofGary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages,but I do sincerely love coffee.  Mysmooth operator knows just how to love on his honey. 
What you just read above were twopeople fighting for their marriage. Fighting for love and passion and running from just a businesspartnership.
The philosophical question of“What came first, the chicken or the egg?” applied here.  I figured the chicken…so over chickenlittle went to kiss him good morning.
Doing the math, I see thatsmall gestures add up to big love.
 One kiss + One cup of coffee  = Two=gether
Small gestures forgotten subtractfrom love.
I remember the day when I’dgussy up for my then boyfriend and somehow, someway…I’d gotten comfortable.  Bed head, sweats and lacking morningkisses took away from the love that I still felt towards my husband. 
I remember the day my husbandwould go way out of his way to plan a date and somehow, someway…he’d gottencomfortable.  Forgetting to get mydoor or bring me or a cup of coffee.  
I’ve come to realize that it doesn’thave to be big gestures.  Onekiss.  One cup of coffee.  Helps keep us two-gether.
How do we avoid the gentleerosion of our marriage? 
One kiss at a time.
One coffee cup at a time.
By letting the small gesturesadd up.
The following month we decidedto get just plum crazy.  We took afour day getaway while our two sons stayed with the King and Queen of Yes (aka:my in-laws).  It was there we stoleextra kisses, drank lots of coffee and bought this sign that now resides in ourbathroom, “I love you not because you’re perfect but because you’re perfect forme.”
As imperfect as we are, I lovemy husband and I know my husband loves me. 
My beloved is mine and I amhis… Song of Solomon 2:16a (New International Version)
What is one way you can showyour husband love?  If you’re notmarried, what’s one way you can show love and be kind to yourself?

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