My Suzuki Trip and YOUR chance to WIN $170 worth of Target Merchandise!!

By Leslie Pleasants

Suzuki was kind enough to invite 24/7 MOMS to their first ever MomFest.  I (Leslie Pleasants) went for us and joined up with 10 other mom bloggers from around the US in Beautiful St. Charles, Illinois.  Suzuki’s goal was and is to hit the mom market more and so they wanted to see what it is that makes us happy when we get in the car with our children… our families.  So here is the story of my trip and for your chance to win $170 in product that I chose from wonderful Target!

Ok,  to start it off, I haven’t flown since I have had kids.  Been about 6 years now.  Not sure why.  Could be the fact that I am afraid of flying now.  I use to love to fly and I still do as long as the plane just doesn’t move.  🙂  Which wasn’t the case on the way there but as you can see the plane did not crash so I made it!!  I never knew Chicago to be so beautiful this time of year.  All of their trees are leaf trees and they were in full effect for fall.  All of their trees were red, yellow and orange.  No evergreens and no hill (mountains).  Just a flat canvas of color.

I got to the airport and was greeted by a Suzuki Shuttle with the rest of the ladies.  We had a fun drive getting to know each other on the way to our hotel which was about 45 minutes away.  The hotel (Hotel Baker) was in the heart of downtown Saint Charles overlooking the scenic Fox River.  It was really breath taking!!  Saint Charles was rated #1 Best Town for families recently by Family Circle magazine.  Now I know why.

We checked in and then met down at the reception room which they call the Waterfront Room.  So beautiful, so romantic!! I bet there is a lot of weddings there.  They gave us our packets which showed us that we were going to be packed full of events the whole 2 days that we were going to be there.  We had dinner and watched a Suzuki presentation.  Got to know more about what Suzuki is all about. Did you know that if you buy a used Suzuki and it is still under warranty that it carries over to you! How wonderful!! Saw some pretty neat commercials that haven’t been released yet and met some of Suzuki’s Marketing and PR team.  Then we had discussion time where they wanted our opinions.  It was actually really fun and kind of cool that Suzuki wanted my opinion.

The next day we had breakfast and then headed outside.  I knew we were going to be driving some vehicles, just had no idea which ones.  They had them all lined up on the street ready to go with a whole crew of people helping us out.  Since I can drive a stick I got put in the first car.  Little did I know at the time it was the fastest car of the 6.  Got in that thing and I forgot I was a mom again.  All of a sudden I was single Leslie in a sports car, sun roof open, no kids in the back, and a girl sitting next to me as we were chatting away.  They gave us maps to our next destination spot.  There were 3 different destination spots and each time we changed to different cars.


look at the dual muffler tips… love them!  🙂


One of the spots was to Target where they had set up a scavenger hunt.  They gave us each gift cards and told us what to get.  During the scavenger hunt they would tweet us extra things and if we got them we would win something (more gift cards).  In the end they gave winners for who came in the lowest,  who came in to $150 and for other unique items.  Somehow I missed those and I ended up spending the most.   Good for you though cause all those items that I got will be what you can WIN!  So hold on and I will tell you in just a sec.  🙂


Going into this I had no idea what to expect.  I really didn’t know much about Suzuki except they made motorcycles.  Thanks to my husbands bad, expensive hobby.  🙂   In the end it was Suzuki that wanted to know from us moms what we wanted out of our vehicle.   What makes us happy?  What are the must haves in our vehicle?  I know mine but surprisingly all 11 of us ladies did have different “important” features on a mommy vehicle.  But the number one thing was safety.  Which Suzuki covered with high ratings and airbags galore.  I was also very amazed on the interior quality of Suzuki. They had a test for us of the different interiors of  Mercedes, Audi and the Suzuki Kizashi(the fast one that I really really liked) and I got them all wrong.  They had 3 steering wheels and you had to pick which one was which, doors, consoles, etc…  It was crazy.
Besides all of that I met some great people.  Had a wonderful time and I am so glad that I did it.  Oh, did I mention that I did this when my Preschooler and Kindergartner both had picture day and daddy had to do their hair.  🙁  Good thing Suzuki kept me busy so I didn’t have time to think about it.  🙂

So on to the goodies!!!  One lucky winner will be able to win all of this wonderful stuff from Target thanks to Suzuki!!!  They will ship it right to you too.   So you will have to understand that I grabbed the higher end stuff and I don’t have brand names for everything just a picture of what I took.  I did make sure to grab everything that could be for a boy or girl and the diapers are size 2.

Size 2 diapers, Diaper bag, Wipes, Sippy cups, Graco Literider Stroller, Travel Mirror

To enter please comment on this post and tell us what is one of the most important thing in choosing a vehicle (besides safety) for yourself. Thank you and HUGE thanks to Suzuki!!  🙂

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Suzuki are giving away all the items in the above picture.

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* We received an all expense paid trip to Saint Charles, Illinois. No financial compensation was received.

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