Monster Burgers

By Lisa Keefauver

Here is a fun October lunch or dinner time meal for your family that will get the whole family talking (or laughing) about it!

Monster Burgers

8 all white turkey burgers
8 buns
8 slices of your favorite cheese
8 slices of ham
16 slices of pickle

1) Grill or broil burger to perfection

2) Place burger on bottom half of the bun

3) Use a table knife to cut the cheese slice in half using a zig-zag pattern like teeth. Put half of the cheese on the patty, hanging over the bun so it looks like teeth are hang off one side.

4) Take one slice of ham and fold it over in a tongue pattern. Put the ham on top of the “teeth”. Top the ham with the other slice of zig-zagged cheese. Top with the half of the bun.

5) Put 2 pickle slices on top of the bun as eyes. Dot the “eyes” with ketchup.

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