Frugal Greeting Cards

Greetingcards can almost cost as much as the gift these days, and personally Iwould rather put the money toward a nicer gift than a card. I know, Iknow – the wonderful words written in these cards can be verymeaningful. So, how do we cut back yet still share meaningful thoughts?

1. Boxed greeting card assortment– I have, over the years, purchased boxes of miscellaneous greetingcards at my local warehouse ( Costco) or Target stores. These have notonly saved me money, but have saved me time when I am in a last minutesituation needing a card.

2. Dollar Store Cards –Plan ahead and purchase multiple cards for upcoming birthdays,graduations, Father’s day and other events you will need greeting cardsfor and purchase them on your next Dollar Store trip, saving you bothmoney and time.

3. Create your own cards – using scarp book supplies, stamping kits or even right off the good ole’ computer.

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