Dads Need Tips Too!

If you haven’t realized by now that 24/7 Moms is kind of for MOMS.¬† ūüôā¬† Sure men can come here but I am sure most of them would prefer a site just slightly different…¬†¬†a little more manly.¬† None of the girly craft ideas.¬† Plus I really couldn’t see my husband chatting away during the webcast shows talking about all that “stuff” we¬†talk about.¬† However, if you got my husband on a forum about motorcycles or how to build the ULTIMATE theatre¬†he would be all over that.All of our husbands have their own hobbies but¬†how¬†often¬†do you actually see them pick up a book to better themselves about being a better father our spouse?¬† Now I know there are a¬†Ga-Billion mommy websites out there for us to go to to gather information from.¬† Where¬†do then the dads get theirs from?¬† From other¬†men???¬† No, cause they usually don’t¬†talk to other men, right??¬† ūüôā¬† Most¬†of the time¬†they get their information¬†from how¬†they were¬†raised.¬† Could be good…¬† could¬†need improvements.

So after doing some research I was pleasantly surprised to find so many Dad websites out there.¬† Now the trick is to get your husband to actually look at one of them.¬† You might have to do your own research… pick the one that you like then send it his way.¬† Or if you think he will do it… then let him go through and check them out.

What a great way for men to not feel alone.¬† Just like us!¬† Here we can talk, share stories and know that we are not alone out there.¬† I really think that men need to feel the same way.¬† They need those tips, share stories (or just read them), and learn something.¬† They can do all of that with out us nagging them!¬† ūüôā

I bet that the family as a whole will grow as he grows as well!¬† Don’t you feel that way when you grow… learn…¬† then you pass that on and teach.
Below are some of the wonderful sites I found!¬† I am telling you… I looked through these and I couldn’t stop reading them myself.¬† I was actually learning stuff about the men.¬† ūüôā

And stay tuned they just might be a 24/7 DADS in the works – That’s right a team of dad’s are already brain storming.

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