Are You A Dog Tired Mom?

Sometimes as a mom we just get DOG TIRED – with our busy mom world.  Here is a fun story that maybe you relate to and possibly need to even be reminded to take time to REST as a mom.

Anolder, tired-looking dog wandered into my yard; I could tell from hiscollar and well-fed belly that he had a home and was well taken careof. He calmly came over to me, I gave him a few pats on his head; hethen followed me into my house, slowly walked down the hall, curled upin the corner and fell asleep an hour later, he went to the door, and Ilet him out.

The next day he was back,greeted me in my yard, walked inside and resumed his spot in the halland again slept for about an hour. This continued off and on forseveral weeks.
Curious I pinned a note tohis collar: ‘I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderfulsweet dog is and ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon yourdog comes to my house for a nap.’
Thenext day he arrived for his nap, with a different note pinned to hiscollar: ‘He lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3 -he’s trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come along with himtomorrow?’
Do you ever feel that way?

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