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PhonicsVolume 1 and Phonics Volume 2 DVDs include exciting new animation, catchysongs, sentence practice, and fun stories to help students apply phonics rulesand read for meaning. The on-screen mouth helps learners check pronunciation.Students progress at an individual pace to gain fluency. Each separate volumeis over 1 hour. Ages 6 & up.
PhonicsVolume 1 covers short vowels, beginning consonants, special consonant sounds,plurals, beginning and ending consonant blends, digraphs, word families, andsilent e.
PhonicsVolume 2 covers long vowels, r-controlled vowels, diphthongs, syllables, endingsounds, rule breakers, common sight words, and words with silent consonants.
SightWords, a new DVD program from Rock ‘N Learn, helps kids learn to read. Usingfun music and exciting characters, kids learn to read over 60 words. These arethe most common words used in the English language and are words kids need toknow automatically. This program is perfect for parents with very young kidswho appear advanced and eager to learn, as well as older students with remedialneeds. It’s effective at helping kids learn to read at all ages. Developedalong with four reading specialists having combined classroom experience ofover 50 years, Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words is designed to hold the interest ofkids and get results. A bonus section helps kids practice their spelling skillsand focus on the shapes of words. The program engages kids to participate alongwith the fun characters. Approximately 50 minutes in length, it’s mosteffective when kids watch again and again. Before too long, they are readingthe sight words with ease.
Rock N Learn products are available at, teacher supply stores and select Barnes& Nobles.
WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Rock N Learn are giving away (1) Phonics Vol. 1 DVD, (1) Phonics Vol. 2 DVD, and (1) Sight Words DVD. 
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