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According to the CDC, morethan 2 million individuals get swimmers’ ear each year. To prevent the pain and discomfort ofswimmers ear, all parents need Auro-Drion hand! Auro-Dri is a leading ear drying aid that clears water from swimmers’ears and prevents clogged ear discomfort. It works fast and effectively, issafe to use on children over two years of age and is the official product ofthe American Swimming Coaches Association.

Caldesene Protecting Powderis recognized as safe and effective by moms and doctors in treating diaperrash, prickly heat, and chafing. The dual action of this product works to treatand prevent these conditions by sealing out wetness and protecting irritatedskin. Although the powder is ideal for treating and preventing diaper rash inbabies, it’s also great for moms to use who suffer from chafing or irritatedskin.
Mom’s always want what’sbest for their babies. Gentle Naturalsprovides the soothing, healing relief that’s comforting to both babies andmoms. The full line of dermatologist-tested Gentle Naturals products areformulated to provide effective treatment for common baby ailments includingcolic, stomach discomfort, teething, eczema, cradle cap, teething, and dryskin. All Gentle Naturals products are designed to soothe babies’ discomfortusing ingredients like chamomile, shea butter, coconut butter, aloe, vitaminsand ginger.
Getting pregnant doesn’t comeeasily for all women. So, when it’s time for that moment of truth, why not usewhat you know works best? As the first FDA approved home pregnancy testavailable to consumers, e.p.t®is the oldest and most trusted home pregnancy testing brand on themarket. Available in analog and digital models, e.p.t® tests provideeasy-to-read results up to 5 days before missed period, and in only two minutesafter use.
The World Health Organizationestimated that over 30% of the world’s population is anemic due to irondeficiency. It occurs when the iron levels within your blood drop toolow.  Common causes of iron deficiency are not consuming enough iron richfood, blood loss, poor absorption in the body, and pregnancy. Vitron-C® is a high-potency iron dietary supplementwith a unique formulation to provide essentially pure iron to restore your ironreserves, plus vitamin C to help your body absorb the iron.
Head lice are something that crossesevery parents mind, especially when their kids are planning to go back toschool. From daycare centers to elementary schools, children of all ages canbecome easily infected in the classroom, school bus, or play yard. In fact,more than 12 million children become infected with lice each school year.That’s why every parent needs Nix Lice Treatment. Nix kills lice and their eggs and protects against re-infestation for 14days, allowing your readers to stop the problem at the first sign ofinfestation.  
WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Insight Pharmaceuticals are giving away a Mommy’s Gift Package containing: Auro-Dri, Gentle Naturals®, Caldesene® Protecting Powder, e.p.t®, Vitron-C®, and Nix®.

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