Simplify Your Childrens Morning Routines

As moms we are constantly training our children – with a new school year and trying to get our kids back into the morning routine you might be feeling like your the drill Sergent each morning asking your kids if they brushed their teeth, backed their backpacks or to go get dressed.  Simplify your Sergent role by using a morning to do chart with your children and help them to become responsible for getting themselves ready and out the door each school morning.

 Here are two ready to print charts to simplify your mornings:

Iheart Organizing created a simple free printable kids morning to do chart for those just beginning their school years – Click here to print out your chart to help your kids become morning responsible children.

 Priceless Parenting created a chart perfect for the older student.  Click here to print out Priceless Parenting’s morning routine chart.

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