How do you get your kids to eat healthy food?

With fast food establishments on every corner and pre-made frozen and packaged foods waiting for our kids to devour we moms often worry, fret and agonize over the topic healthy eating – How do we get our kids to eat healthy? Especially with our on the go lifestyles.

I have come to the conclusion the more appealing I can make it the better my chance is that my kids will choose healthy eating – or better said the more fun I make it the more they will eat it.

Ready to join me and make Healthy eating fun for your kids?

Choose one or more of these fun ideas to get your kids to begin making healthy eating choices:

Create a snack attack bin:Get a lidded bin preferably with a handle that you can label “Snack Attack” then fill it with healthy choices such as 100 calorie snack bags, individual bags of nuts, trail mixes, dried fruits etc. Now your kids can access healthy snack choices when their tummys are hungry.

For complete snack attack bin instructions click here

Colored fun – Add colored fun to your child’s healthy lunch or snack by using colored plastic wraps to wrap their healthy foods in. Or during the holidays use special zipper-type bags, and napkins that are in holiday themes for serving up a healthy snack.

Mini Food Fun- It is always fun to eat miniature bites of food.  From tiny sandwiches to mini veggies and fruits. Think small and begin your cutting and arranging to create mini food eating fun

Kabobs –Its fun to eat meals and snacks on a stick – Create both full size and mini kabobs for healthy eating by using full size skewers or tooth picks for mini kabobs.  Place various fruits, veggies or even meat and cheeses on your skewers or cut every thing tiny to fit on a toothpick.

Cut it shape it –have fun with your childrens food by cutting it into interesting shapes.  Cookie cutters are handy for creating fun shapes that children will love to eat.

Fill it up– Make various sandwich fillers and salads such as egg salad, broccoli salad etc. then fill an empty ice cream cone with you’re fillings and allow your kids to eat it right out of the cone.

Healthy Shopping– Take your kids out on a healthy shopping trip where you spend time wondering the isle discovering new healthy snacks and meal ideas they are willing to try out. Have your children look at food labels and discover for themselves healthy alternatives.

DIY –  Plant a garden with your kids and grow various vegetables and fruits that they are willing to eat.  Children not only are more willing to eat new things they have grown but also that they have cooked.  So get your children in the kitchen and have them assist you in preparing healthy options for them.

Be Prepared- keep healthy snacks ready to be eaten – bag them up in individual portions, have fresh veggies and fruits cut up and ready to eat to avoid your children from grabbing the pre-packaged not so healthy food items hanging out in your pantry. Don’t forget to fill your on the go mini ice chest with healthy snacks and water bottles to encourage after school or during activities healthy snacking

How do you get your kids to eat healthy foods?

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