Freezer Egg Muffin Sandwich

Do your children enjoy those fast food muffin egg sandwiches?  Use this simple recipe from  Real Mom Kitchen to fill your freezer with on the go Egg Muffin sandwich’s and save money.   Click here to read more from Real Mom Kitchen.

Freezer Egg and Muffin Sandwiches

12 English Muffins, toasted
1 Dozen Eggs, scrambled (I use a big electric skillet for this)
6 American Cheese Slices, halved
12 Deli Ham Slices

Scramble eggs; while eggs are cooking, split and toast muffins. (Icooked my eggs more like an omelet and then cut them into 12 squares)Once eggs are cooked, set up an assembly line of muffins, eggs, cheese,ham; assemble and allow time to cool, then wrap in plastic wrap. Freezewrapped egg sandwiches in freezer bags or freezer boxes. I used agallon size freezer bag to hold 4 sandwiches, these bad can be reusedfor each time I make them. Makes 12. To heat: wrap in a paper towel andmicrowave for 45-65 seconds. Be careful it will be nice and hot.

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