Building the Community You Want to Live In

by: Kristen Mason

Thetruth is we don’t all live in on tree-lined streets with white picket fences. These are the types of communities that movies portray as perfect andsafe.

Most ofus live in garage-door communities.  We come in and out of our garageswith little or no interaction with one another.  Maybe this is why ourkids are living in the “most protected generation ever.”

What type of community do you want to live in?  I assumeit’s one where you know your neighbors or it’s similar to the type you grew upin.

I gleaned ideas from some of my  friends to see what they’re doing tobring the community they want to their neighborhood.  I love howintentional each of these women are!

Laura invited over the bus stop crew for pancakes on the last dayof school.

Kerry coordinated a community yard sale and bake sale to raisefunds for a family in need.

Stacy invited rising Kindergarten parents in her neighborhood overto her house for a potluck dinner.  This was after a meet-up at the schoolplayground (neutral territory).

Amy is working with two other neighborhood moms to host an end ofthe school year bash.

Casey hosted a Fourth of July celebration last year with a bikeparade (loved it!)  This year she’s projecting movies on her garage door.

My parent’s neighborhood has a monthly Trike Night and HalloweenParade (we crashed it last year!)

We invited our neighbors over for an Easter Egg Hunt.  The boysplanned it, had a budget, and I made a cake.  Fun and simple.

What are you doing in your neighborhood to promote community?


Kristen Mason lives in Northern Virginia andblogs at Busy Kids = Happy Mom! She teaches part time in an elementary school, is involved in MOMSnext,and loves all things crafty!  Sheis married and has 2 sons.

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