APP Of The Week – Chore Pad HD

Chore Pad HD  is a fantastic app for helping organize the family chores! Keeping track of which chores are assigned to who – and whether or not the chores were actually completed can be daunting task for busy parents! Chord Pad HD makes the process easier and entertaining.

It is easy to customize chores and rewards for the individual needs of each user. It is great for all ages; Chore Pad helps give a sense of pride for accomplishing tasks and rewards you for your hard work.  This type of chore chart provides an all around positive experience for children and adults alike. Even if you don’t have a family to organize, Chore Pad HD also works very well in other settings; roommate situations, classrooms with and without special needs, and even adult home environments can all easily take advantage of this app.

If you do not own an iPad you can purchase Chore Pad for the iPhone. It has all the features of Chore Pad HD with the exception of Star modifiers.

Chore Pad HD (iPad):

Chore Pad (iPhone/iPod touch):

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